Evangelism Ministry

. . |_ Soul Winners

 The Bread of Life Worship Church is actively training all of its members to become witnesses for Jesus Christ. Once the members show that they understand and can apply the principles of Jesus, members are encourage to share the gospel with others in an effort to expand the Kingdom of God. We do not isolate this ministry to the few who are gifted in this area, but encourage every member to participate. Therefore, events throughout the year are scheduled to exercise our evangelistic gifts and win souls for Jesus Christ. The leaders who are responsible for managing this area of the ministry are encourage to develop strategies and a well-defined plan to evangelize both locally and globally. The fifth Sundays of the following months (Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, July Sep,Oct, Nov) are dedicated to evangelism  efforts. For the remainder of 2018, the following dates will be dedicated to evangelism: (See future evangelism dates below)

YEAR: 2018
July 29, 2018,  September 30, 2018 and December 30, 2018


. . |_ Baptism

When souls are won into the Kingdom, the evangelist of the church are responsible for ensuring that the new souls understand the foundational principles of Christianity. One of the first principles introduced after the new convert gives his or her life to Christ is the baptism.  The Bread of Life Worship Church will baptize members in the name of Jesus Christ to allow that member to show outwardly to the world that he or she belongs to Jesus Christ. Baptism services will be scheduled at least annually to allow new souls to partake in this Holy ordinance.

. . |_ Outreach Services

Evangelist of the Bread of Life Worship Church will organize teams to reach those who do not know Jesus. Examples of past outreach efforts are conducting the New Year's Revival, visiting bus stations to speak to those who wish to hear the gospel, setting up training facilities, shelter for those in need, orphanages for those without parents. All of these efforts are to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may not have been given the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

. . . |_ Web

The Bread of Life Worship Church heavily utilizes the world wide web to promote the kingdom all around the world. It is the Bread of Life Worship Church most successful platform to win the world to Jesus Christ. Weekly sermons are posted for the world to view, online training is held to allow for more church-wide and global participation in bible study and leadership training.  In addition, the Bread of Life Website is also used to assist with connecting Christians from all around the world with those who are in need in other countries. With this powerful tool, the Bread of Life Worship Church is extremely effective in expanding the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world.

. . . |_ TV

In additional to the web, the Bread of Life Worship Church will be expanding its weekly webcast to television in the near future. For all of the aforementioned reasons listed under the "Web" area, the Bread of Life Worship church recognizes the need to utilize all forms of media to reach those who do not know Jesus.

. . . |_ Radio

In addition to the web and TV, the Bread of Life Worship Church will seek to own its own Gospel radio station. With this station, we can ensure that the gospel remains on our airwaves and we can have a say in how the Gospel is sung and presented to the World.  This area of the ministry will work closely with the Bread of Life Music department to not only promote the songs sung by our choir, but individually by our church members. We will be promoting not only the singers, but the song writers, and sound technicians to continue to make a joyous noise on this earth for Jesus Christ. 

. . . |_ Media (Books, CD, DVD, Streaming, Digital Download, E-books)

 As the Bread of Life Worship Church continues to grow, we will aim to produce the sermons and music into all formats available to make it accessible to the Christian Community. This again furthers the work of the evangelist because it allows new converts to take home what they have heard in a format for easy digestion later.

. . . |_ Mission Referrals

 As the evangelist meet people from evangelistic outreach efforts, the evangelist are mandated to connect that person with those in charge of our area of helps (Mission2Nations). Oftentimes, evangelist will meet people who have a natural need that must be addressed before they will be open to hear about Jesus. Therefore, the Bread of Life Worship church utilizes a tracking mechanism to ensure that those in need of food, water, shelter, clothing, education, medical attention, and jobs are given the proper assistance through mission referrals.

. . . |_ Transportation

 Evangelist will often meet those who do not have transportation to go to  and from church. As the church grows, provisions will be made to help those members to attend church on a regular basis and attend church events.

. . |_ Revival Crusade

 At least annually, the Evangelists of the church will organize a revival crusade to win those who do not know Jesus. This event will be organized all in an effort to win more people to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Dates dedicated to Evangelism:


YEAR: 2019
3/31 6/30 9/29 12/29

YEAR: 2020
3/29 5/31 8/30 11/29

YEAR: 2021
1/31 5/30 8/29 10/31

YEAR: 2022
1/30 5/29 7/31 10/30

YEAR: 2023
1/29 4/30 7/30 10/29 12/31

YEAR: 2024
3/31 6/30 9/29 12/29

YEAR: 2025
3/30 6/29 8/31 11/30

YEAR: 2026
3/29 5/31 8/30 11/29

YEAR: 2027
1/31 5/30 8/29 10/31

YEAR: 2028
1/30 4/30 7/30 10/29 12/31

YEAR: 2029
4/29 7/29 9/30 12/30

YEAR: 2030
3/31 6/30 9/29 12/29

YEAR: 2031
3/30 6/29 8/31 11/30

YEAR: 2032
2/29 5/30 8/29 10/31

YEAR: 2033
1/30 5/29 7/31 10/30