Pastoral Ministry


. . |_ Shepherd

The Bread of Life Worship Church Pastor is primarily responsible for tending to the flock. Just like a natural Shepherd prepares food daily to feed the sheep and check on the well-being of his sheep. The Pastor is responsible for preparing weekly sermons to feed the church members spiritual food.  The Pastor is the primary leader responsible for conducting worship services and directly interacting with the members on at least a weekly basis. The Evangelist, Prophet, Apostle and Teacher will occasionally preach during worship services to allow the Pastor time to recuperate and receive spiritual food from the other leaders within the church.  

. . |_ Worship Services

Currently, Worship Services are held every Sunday at the Knightdale location. We strive to give God at least one hour of pure and true worship before moving forward with the service because we realize that is the main reason why we attend church. We attend church to give God all the praise and Glory for allowing us to have a relationship with him.  

. . . |_ Music and Fine Arts

To support the praise and the worship of the church, the Bread of Life Worship church will be implementing choirs and a full music department that takes advantage of every musical instrument available. It is also the prayer of the Bread of Life Worship Church that God anoints the members of our church to produce worship and praise music to Jesus that will be heard all around the world.

 . . . |_ Fellowship

The Bread of Life Worship Church in March 2014 implemented  church-wide fellowship.  Church members meet at local and nearby restaurants to have fellowship, fun, food and games in a relaxed atmosphere.  Fellowship days occur at least on a Quarterly basis to strengthen the relationship between the members within the church.

 . . . |_ Pastoral Visits

Pastoral Visits are limited to visiting the sick, shut-in, hospitalized, and those who are bereaved. To request the Pastor to visit, it is the member's responsibility to reach-out to the Pastor to let him know that he or she is in need. Oftentimes, church members assume that the Pastor is aware of all issues and situations occurring within their lives, but God only provides this knowledge in part and commands that the members go to the elders for help. The Bread of Life Worship church leadership understands that in some cases, events will occur where the member cannot reach out for help. In these cases, when the Pastor sees that a member has been absent for a while, he will call or attempt to make contact just to check on the well-being of the member.

. . . |_ Christian Counseling

The Pastor primarily conducts Christian counseling on an as needed basis. However, the Bread of Life Worship Church encourages the members to search the scriptures first for an answer, and request assistance from leadership when scripture interpretation  is needed to help them solve their issues. We strive to build soldiers for Jesus Christ who are able to rightly divide the word of truth to obtain the answer that is needed to solve the problems that life may present.

 . . . |_ Holy Communion

The Bread of Life Worship Church conducted its first Holy Communion on April 20, 2014 as Jesus commanded in Matthew Chapter 26.  The Holy Communion from thenceforth is conducted randomly throughout the year to remind the church members to always be ready to commune with Jesus.